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Importance of Staffing in Organizations Essay - 2711 Words

Importance of Staffing in Organizations Staffing has been an important aspect in all types of organizations’ development. More and more companies have noticed a good staffing plan could increase productivity and reduce operation costs in terms of lower turnover rate and transition costs. Good staffing could be able to minimize cost in order to maximize profit, because it could assist the company to stay more competitive within the industry. According to the definition by Dr. Green, â€Å"staff is the process of identifying work requirements within an organization; determining the number of people and the skills necessary to do the work; and recruiting, selecting and promoting the qualified candidates. It is the selection process of†¦show more content†¦Organizations could select one or more of these tests, but they have to be careful of the reliability and validity of all the results. Some results might be different depending on the environment of the testing area, or the relationship between the applicant s and their previous employer/manager. Many organizations depend only on the result of the test without taking the reliability and validity into considerations, which that might lead to in hiring the wrong people. What is the difference between reliability and validity? â€Å"Reliability is the consistency and the stability of a selection measurement and validity is the degree to which a measure predicts on-the-job performance† (Green, 2003). For instance, the consistency of a test is made for to measure reliability and what kind of method to use to test the candidate is to measure validity. Since reliability and validity are both important aspects in the selection process, let’s look at several methods that are used in today’s industries. College Grade Point Average (GPA) is one of the areas that employers look at and might weighted heavily in the selection process. According to a study, â€Å"grades have a fully corrected validity in the mid .30s for predicting job performance†(Roth, BeVier, Switzer, Schippmann, 1996) and â€Å"a validity for .20 for predicting starting salary† (RothShow MoreRelatedStaffing Planning Paper1199 Words   |  5 PagesStaffing Plan Paper Adrian Gadsden April 25, 2011 Patricia Meunier-Muenks Staffing Solutions for US Military I am familiar with the Infantry and Cavalry division of the military structure and how to make this division of the US government functional is of crucial importance. First, by the very definition, the infantry and cavalry division of military service personnel requires a special mindset. It requires a person who understands that theirRead MoreStaffing System For A Job1719 Words   |  7 PagesMaria Romano MGE 629 HW#3 Chapter #7 1. Imagine and describe a staffing system for a job in which no measures are used A staffing system for a job in which no measures are used would be virtually impossible. Measurement is the key in staffing organizations, as it is a method used for assessing aspects within the organization. A system without methods would have no efficient method for determining a framework in the process of selection. 2. Describe how you might go about determining scores forRead MoreThe Revolutionary Transformation Of The Healthcare Delivery System826 Words   |  4 Pagesorganization’s ability to meet quality outcomes and cost-cutting measures. The emphasis on value-based healthcare makes it essential for appropriate staffing levels to optimize quality of care and patient outcomes (ANA, 2015). Implementing a safe staffing matrix, when compared to other life-saving interventions is extremely cost effective. Healthcare organization administrators are challenging nurses to take care of 10-12 patients at one time. Evidence demonstrates the number of patients assigned to a nurseRead MoreRecruiting And Staffing Top Quality Employees842 Words   |  4 PagesRecruiting and staffing top quality employees can increase organizational effectiveness, productivity, and customer satisfaction. As a result, organizations that want to achieve its recruiting and staffing goals should incorporate practices that are legal, ethical, and encourages diversity. Abiding employment laws, developing a code of ethics, and encouraging different perspectives can also play a major role in employees’ contentedness with their employer. Therefore, it is important for employersRead MoreInternation Recruitment and Selection1678 Words   |  7 Pagesin international business (Shen). Therefore international organizations need to understand the roll that plays the international human resource management (IHRM) department, and the importance of adopting an effective recruiting, selecting, and training strategies that will enable the company to select the right talent for the right places. IHRM plays a very important and challenging roll in the international setting of organizations because â€Å"they must develop practices which will maintain congruenceRead MoreStatistical Data For Forecasting Future Staffing1513 Words   |  7 Pagespredict future staffing requirements. All the more, trend analysis uses historical data for forecasting future staffing needs. Likewise, trend analysis creates a relationship between past and future staffing needs. Trend analysis is appliedwhen organizations have data mostly on historical staffing levels with less detailed information on specific predictions. The breaking down of data into specific time periods of demand are also often used in healthcare and retail settings where staffing levels varyRead MoreHrm Activities774 Words   |  4 Pages(HRM) ACTIVITIES HR management is composed of several groups of interlinked activities taking place within the context of the organization . All managers with HR responsibilities must consider external environmental forces like : 1-legal 2-political 3-economic 4-social 5-cultural Read MoreAnalysis Of Functions Of Effective Management Essay1429 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Normally, management is generally known as that social process which entails the fulfillment of the given set objectives of a particular organization through effective and economical regulation and operation of the organization. The system is a dynamic process since it consists of handling of different activities and elements each time. However, these elements and activities are not like the operative functions which merely involve finance, purchasing, marketing and many more of similarRead MoreImproving Safe Staffing For Nurses1321 Words   |  6 PagesThe priority issue is safe staffing for nurses working in hospitals. This issue is a priority because many times nurses are overwhelmed with his or her patient load and cannot provide safe, effective patient care. With such a heavy emphasis on patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, more attention should be dedicated to this issue. Research studies consistently find that whenever there is high patient-nurse ratio it negatively impacts patient safety. A great number of studies have demonstratedRead MoreHuman Resources And Inadequate Staffing1336 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Resources and Inadequate Staffing A continuous concern that continues to present itself within the healthcare environment is adequate staffing on nursing units. Most hospital organizations try their very best to accommodate staffing needs, though many units remain understaffed for an unspecified amount of time. Inadequate staffing can negatively affect patient outcomes, lead to nurse burnout, and decrease patient satisfaction scores. Combating this issue will require a great deal of effort

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The Effects Of Resveratrol And Its Effect On The Risk Of...

ABSTRACT Resveratrol (3,4 ,5-trihydroxystilbene) is a naturally occurring phytochemical present in red wine, grapes, berries, chocolate and peanuts. Clinically, resveratrol has exhibited significant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties. Although resveratrol was first isolated in 1940, it was not until the last decade that it was recognised for its potential therapeutic role in reducing the risk of neurodegeneration, and Alzheimer s disease (AD) in particular. AD is the primary cause of progressive dementia. Resveratrol has demonstrated neuroprotective effects in several in vitro and in vivo models of AD. Apart from its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory roles, evidence suggests that resveratrol also facilitates non-amyloidogenic breakdown of the amyloid precursor protein (APP), and promotes removal of neurotoxic amyloid beta (AÃŽ ²) peptides, a critical step in preventing and slowing down AD pathology. Resveratrol also reduces damage to neuronal cells via a variety of additional mechanisms, most notably is the activation of NAD+-dependent histone deacetylases enzymes, termed sirtuins. However in spite of the considerable advances in clarifying the mechanism of action of resveratrol, it is unlikely to be effective as monotherapy in AD due to its poor bioavailability, biotransformation, and requisite synergism with other dietary factors. This review summarizes the relevance of resveratrol in the pathophysiology of AD. It also highlights

Belonging represented in Peter Essay Example For Students

Belonging represented in Peter Essay As illustrated in Peter Jerkinesss Immigrant Chronicle poetry, having a strong sense of self-knowledge understanding and a deep connection to ones own culture, beliefs and values develops a feeling of belonging to and knowing ones self, and in turn, a strong sense of belonging to humanity. Feline Crooknecks, SST Patriots College and 10 Mary Street all support this thesis and position the reader to consider the concepts of belonging from the perspective of someone who feels alienated, excluded and alone. The poem Feline Crooknecks tells us of Pewters father, his life, and his clear sense of belonging. It explores the concepts of familial, cultural and self-belonging, and reveals the regretful feelings of Peter, in relation to his alienation, his familys migration and the filial bond with his father. The clear and possibly most significant message of the poem is that belonging comes from within, and requires an accepting and peaceful attitude. These concepts are expressed through the use of poetic devices and language techniques, which show the differences between the attitudes of father and son. The admiration Peter has for his father is evident in the first line -My gentle father. The use of the word gentle introduces Feline as a kind, peaceful man, and the possessive pronoun my can suggest a sense of ownership or the yearning to be associated with Feline. The fathers independence and emotional self- efficiency is evident in the first stanza Kept pace only with the Joneses of his own minds making. The reference to The Joneses is important to consider, as it not only refers to mainstream society, but Australian mainstream society. It shows that Feline is at peace with himself and has retained his own cultural beliefs, despite being pressured to assimilate and adopt a new way of life, and in result, has a strong sense of belonging. The repeated reference to Feline garden shows his compassion, connection with nature and dedication, and also his willingness to work hard. It signifies something that belongs to him, in a foreign and unfamiliar world. Throughout the poem, ideals of language are discussed. This shows language as a factor of belonging, and that it can be seen as a potential barrier that prevents the development of belonging. The language indifference between father, son and the community illustrates this barrier, and presents cultural identity as a concept of inclusion and belonging. As the distance between Peter and his Polish heritage grows, Feline accepts that his son, growing up in Australia, cannot adopt the same sense of cultural belonging that he has. While Feline is at peace and accepts the unavoidable, Peter has a completely different attitude. He feels a strong sense of regret and affliction towards his past, and feels that if only he had embraced his Polish culture, he would have belonged in his family. However, this is not the case. Peter felt isolated because he failed to form a strong connection with his inner self, not because he adopted the Australian way of life. As Peter has not developed a strong sense of self-belonging, he does not feel at peace, and does not realism that the cultural indifference and eventual complete disconnection between father and son was inevitable. Peter Crooknecks expresses feelings of regret throughout the poem, which can reveal he does not truly understand the concept of belonging. His fathers beliefs and circumstances provide a contrast to Pewters perspective and suggest that the poets reflection of his childhood and adolescence is not relative t the concepts of truly belonging that acceptance and self-sufficiency lead to a strop sense of belonging to ones self, and therefore, to humanity. Peter realizes that to truly belong somewhere or with someone, you must firstly establish a strong sense self. In addition, Pewters regret indicates a yearning to belong to his family and ultra. Sunday Morning - Wallace Steven’s EssayHe has not explored TTL so therefore does not value what the motto is jugs means embracing your own identity, and as Peter s poem, without embracing your own identity, you ca with alienating circumstances that can prevail at e did not belong to himself, SST Patriots College was n the line For eight years emphasizes the words to the effect of suggesting that even after eight years, Peter still felt isolated at school. The eight years Pee like a prison sentence. A statue of the Virgin Mary Meant to act as a welcoming figure at the entrance makes Peter feel afraid and anxious. The line UNC indicates that even after almost a decade, the stats figure of fear for the poet. The last four lines show yearning for approval. The recurrence of his mot seen as Peter blaming his mother for his poor expel dominantly represented in the poem by showing idea that belonging cannot be achieved without e Peter tells the reader how his mothers desire to co expectations has led to his feelings of unhappiness The poem 10 Mary Street focuses on describing t ensue of belonging it provides. It presents different through representations of people, relationships, p stanza, a key represents a sense of comfort, owner sense of continuous routine. The key symbolizes the leads to ownership of the home, which leads to owe belonging. The poems constant references to the support this idea. As the house will soon be pulled feelings of contentment and security will be lost. T to a key towards the end of the poem suggests a did disconnection, discomfort and disruption, as after will be useless, and therefore powerless. A familial nourishment is created using poetic devices. The is hyperbolic Bursting at the seams imply that Pete much love and care. The cultural heritage of the FAA with reference to cultural and social aspects such cigarettes. The lines heated discussions and embed passion and strong sense of belonging to their cult house The house stands in its china-blue coat of a strong, stoic and, perhaps even, noble house. Characteristics can also position the reader to view receptive the family has a strong connection with part of the family. The use of parentheses in the the been gazettes for industry) could be considered indicate extra and unimportant information, but the airily significant, and outlines a major event in the lives of the family. An important message of this poem is that the family will once more feel as though they do not belong, continuing the constant struggle faced by a family forced to dismiss what leads to self-belonging, and living in a country where they feel as though they do not truly belong. These families, like Peter Jerkinesss, are often met with the challenge of fighting exclusion, and remaining true to their culture and to themselves which, in essence, is the key to belonging. Peter Jerkinesss poems Feline Crooknecks, SST Patriots College and 10 Mary Street envoy a strong sense of belonging by exploring the concepts of not only feeling accepted and allied, but also displaced and insecure.

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The Acceptibility of Coconut Shell as an Art Paper Essay Example For Students

The Acceptibility of Coconut Shell as an Art Paper Essay The Acceptability of pulverized coconut shell (Cocos Nucifera) as an art paper BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Our world today is faced with many problems. One major problem is the depletion of natural resources. Trees, for example, are cut out because they will be used in making different products such as papers. This will branch out to many problems like global warming. In this research, coconut shell (Cocos nucifera) will be tested to see if it can be used as an alternative in making art paper. We chose to make a research about paper since its demand is high. Papers are widely used everyday. This research will be conducted within the campus of BHC. Within this research project, researchers will make various proportions of pulverized shells. Researchers will use starch with 20 ml water to put the materials together. This liquid concentration will be our dependent variable. Researchers will make their independent variable into three different proportions. 75g powdered coconut shell and 25 g shredded old newspaper; 50g powdered coconut shell and 50g shredded old newspaper; 25g powdered coconut shell and 75g shredded old newspaper. We will write a custom essay on The Acceptibility of Coconut Shell as an Art Paper specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now This will help us to test the toughness of the art paper particularly art papers used as corkboards. We chose to use coconut shell because of its high durability and because it is the most versatile part of the part of the coconut. This will help us in protecting our nature and at the same time, the product will be more affordable since the materials used are cheaper. Coconut shell (Cocos nucifera) is the most versatile part of the coconut. The shell is inorganic in nature; this will help make our product eco-friendly. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The researcher aims to study on the acceptability of the pulverized coconut shell as an art paper. Specifically, it aims to answer the following questions: 1. How will the use of pulverized coconut shell affect the a. Durability of the paper? b. Color of the paper? c. Texture of the paper? d. Thickness of the paper? 2. What will be the effect of the pulverized coconut shell on the art papers in terms of: a. Durability of the paper? b. Color of the paper? c. Texture of the paper? d. Thickness of the paper? 3. Are there significant differences between the product and any commercial art paper in terms of: a. Durability of the paper? b. Color of the paper? c. Texture of the paper? d. Thickness of the paper? HYPOTHESIS 1. The use of pulverized coconut shell as an alternative material in making art paper will not affect the color, durability and texture of the art paper. 2. There is no effect on the color, durability and texture of the art paper when pulverized coconut shell is used. 3. There is no significant difference between the product and any commercial art paper. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION The study focuses on making art paper form pulverized coconut shell. The study aims to look for alternative material in making art paper to decrease the cutting of trees where papers come from. The study will be conducted within the campus of BHC. The selection of respondents are only limited to high school students, specifically, students who are wide users of art paper. This study will be conducted from June 2010 until March 2011. Our study does not offer a solution for the excessive cutting of trees. It will only help lower the chance of such activities. This study is just an experiment to test if pulverized coconut shell can be use as an alternative material in making art paper.

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Discovering a Whole New World of Education Essays

Discovering a Whole New World of Education Essays Discovering a Whole New World of Education Essay Discovering a Whole New World of Education Essay It used to be that going to college was a committed physical experience; you, at the very least, traveled to a campus everyday where you sat amongst your peers in a lecture hall or classroom and worked through your chosen degree program. And in most cases, you were typically a resident as well as a student, living in an on-campus apartment or in a dormitory with people your age. The world of college is a very different experience these days as people in all stages of their lives made the decision to return to school and bring with it their own particular circumstances. A family man with a job and children would be hard pressed to go back to that campus commute anymore; and luckily he doesn’t have to. Today, online learning has completely transformed the world of education. There is no longer the physical commitment necessary to attend school – presence in a classroom or lecture hall simply not required. From an online IT degree for someone looking to enter the world of computer technology to an online MBA for someone wanting to earn their masters in a particular sector of business, the online degree programs have something for everyone in terms of subject matter and schedule. A teacher going after her Master’s in Education can work during the day and do her work for school at night; an online business degree can be earned on the weekends or during other off hours; and a degree in nonprofit management can propel someone to the front of the pack in terms of the interview process. Whatever the desire in school the online degree program has something for everyone and can be a way for people to do it all in this day and age when doing it all has become the standard instead of the exception.

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MBA-International Accounting and Finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

MBA-International Accounting and Finance - Essay Example This means that they try to achieve quick realization of credit sales and delay the payment of the payables. By way of this they try to maximize â€Å"net float† (Brigham & Ehrhardt, 2008, pp.958). In a business it is important that the financial resources are channelized effectively. This is facilitated by the financial managers who allocate the resources to the various departments as per their requirement. Besides the need based allocation of the resources it is important that the business does not lose out a possibility of earning an additional income on the surplus cash balances. To ensure that the cash balances do not remain idle the financial managers invest these cash balances temporarily to earn positive returns. The multinational companies like their domestic counterparts employ the same procedures for the achievement of the above mentioned goals. This indicates that the basic objectives of the multinational and domestic companies are the same but the task of multinat ional companies is far complex. When it comes to investment of funds the domestic companies generally think with respect to domestic securities whereas the financial managers of the multinational companies are expected to be aware of the investment opportunities across the world. The multinational companies generally work in association with the international bankers and their staff and are thus in a position to make gains out of best available rates anywhere in the world. Policies relating to credit are more crucial for the multinational companies as compared to the purely domestic firms. For instance trade in US involves poorer or developing nations. In this kind of a situation ‘granting credit’ is the necessary norm for business. Moreover the developed nations impart credit facilities to their foreign customers for making their manufacturing firms globally competent. When it comes to granting credit the risk of the multinational companies is higher than

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Not for profit marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Not for profit marketing - Essay Example Marketing eventually is there to help achieve profitability and long-term survival in business or organization. After all, the goal of every business is to achieve profitability and long-term survival. However, any activity in marketing which is outside the primary aim for profit is considered not-for-profit marketing (Cooper and Argyris, 1998). It avoids marketing practices that could be harmful to the society because it aims to develop fair and intelligent purchase decisions among consumers. However, not-for-profit marketing is not only applicable to businesses that substantially aim for profitability and long-term survival. The term profit cannot just be specifically focused on monetary value alone, but including other intrinsic values that could not be readily observed by the naked eye. When one heard about marketing, the ultimate concept that would come to mind is about business with the inclusion of the issue about profit, which is all about monetary value. However, not-for-profit marketing is also widely applicable among educational establishments, churches, politicians, national interest groups or charities, and any activities related to internal marketing (Cooper and Argy ris, 1998). Based on the above definition of marketing, it is essentially about satisfying individual and organizational objectives, but the entire thing about this could only be achieved if there is planning, execution and eventually creation of something else. A politician aiming to take his position after an election should basically learn to inform the public all necessary information about him that could potentially gain confidence on the part of the voters in voting for him. This eventually is an integral part of the not-for-profit marketing because the intention of the politician is just to develop among the people such a fair and intelligent decision. It is a kind