Sunday, March 15, 2020

Discovering a Whole New World of Education Essays

Discovering a Whole New World of Education Essays Discovering a Whole New World of Education Essay Discovering a Whole New World of Education Essay It used to be that going to college was a committed physical experience; you, at the very least, traveled to a campus everyday where you sat amongst your peers in a lecture hall or classroom and worked through your chosen degree program. And in most cases, you were typically a resident as well as a student, living in an on-campus apartment or in a dormitory with people your age. The world of college is a very different experience these days as people in all stages of their lives made the decision to return to school and bring with it their own particular circumstances. A family man with a job and children would be hard pressed to go back to that campus commute anymore; and luckily he doesn’t have to. Today, online learning has completely transformed the world of education. There is no longer the physical commitment necessary to attend school – presence in a classroom or lecture hall simply not required. From an online IT degree for someone looking to enter the world of computer technology to an online MBA for someone wanting to earn their masters in a particular sector of business, the online degree programs have something for everyone in terms of subject matter and schedule. A teacher going after her Master’s in Education can work during the day and do her work for school at night; an online business degree can be earned on the weekends or during other off hours; and a degree in nonprofit management can propel someone to the front of the pack in terms of the interview process. Whatever the desire in school the online degree program has something for everyone and can be a way for people to do it all in this day and age when doing it all has become the standard instead of the exception.

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